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Just Another Hippie Kid From Dallas

Born and raised in Oak Cliff Texas

Jerry Is A Passionate Musician & All Around Great Guy

Gunpoint Still Rockin


Gunpoint – Originated by Jerry Don Branch and his high school friend Lyndon Talbott. It was a classic Texas rock style band formed from the influences of all the local heroes at the Cellar club, ZZ Top, Johnny Winter, Allman Bros, Eagles, CSN&Y etc. The band toured the southwest extensively in the mid 70’s to 1982.


Stratoblasters – Formed in 1986 under the direction of Jimmy Wallace. He left Bugs Henderson and kept the name and asked a select group of musicians to join him; John O’Daniel of Pointblank, Matt Tapp, Bobby Chitwood, Mike Gage and Jerry Don Branch.


Gunplugged – Is a collaboration between Jerry Don Branch and Steve Locke, both played in Gunpoint together. It was formed when a local restaurant / bar wanted them to do an acoustic duo and Steve came with Gunplugged = Gunpoint un-plugged. They play classic rock covers from bands such as Eagles, CSN&Y, The Band and many more.

Father Brother

Jerry and his son Taylor Branch. Jerry built his life around music and raised his children right up in the middle of it. Father and son have both pursued different avenues in their musical journeys, until recently, when their paths intersected in a new way and Father Brother was born. Life is an adventure and the sweetest stories ever told are the one’s that write themselves. The roles of father and son have changed and evolved over the years, but the love of music and the deep bond of brotherhood remains. Catch these two when and where you can it is always a great show. 

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